Talc or Terror?

Be certain with the BioCheck® Powder Screening Test Kit

  • Trusted by hundreds of first responders
  • Screen for multiple bioterror agents simultaneously
  • Identify most false alarms in minutes

Designed for First Responders

  • Straight Forward Training
  • No Instrumentation Required
  • Easy Disposal – No Decon Required

Biological Detection

  • Quickly rule in or rule out biologicals with one test
  • The BioCheck® Powder Screening Test Kit is used by first responders as a first step to investigate suspicious powders for bioterrorism agents

Anthrax, Ricin, biological agents

  • Extremely Sensitive Detection
  • Sample size as little as 200g of powder

Stay up to date with BioCheck®

PNNL HazMat Demonstration Using BioCheck to Screen Suspicious Powders

Use of the BioCheck® Powder Screening Test Kit for screening a powder sample is demonstrated. Note: This is only a demonstration and required personal protective equipment (PPE) is not being worn. Actual required PPE will depend on the specific situation.

Product Overview (PDF)

PDF Flyer about the Powder Screening Test Kit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers about the BioCheck product.

MSDS Request Form

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The BioCheck Powder Screening Test Kit

The kit works by quickly identifying the presence or absence of a biomolecule found in all living materials and many toxins. Find out more…

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