Screen for multiple bioterror agents and rule out most false alarms

The BioCheck® Powder Screening Test Kit

The BioCheck® Powder Screening Test Kit is used by first responders as a first step to investigate suspicious powders for bioterrorism agents. The Kit works by quickly identifying the presence or absence of a biomolecule found in all living materials and many toxins. It, therefore, provides a rapid screen for the possible presence of bioterrorism agents such as anthrax and ricin toxin, while ruling out most of the ordinary substances that citizens have frequently feared to be possible weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

Learn more about the BioCheck® product and its advantages here. The protocol is fast and easy to perform: results are obtained in five minutes or less without instrumentation. A sample is collected on two swabs then each swab is immersed in a solution that produces a color change only if a biological agent is present. The kit also contains a control that is used to confirm that a negative result is not due to a failure of the test. The product is now a primary screening test used by more than 250 fire departments, other first responders and numerous federal agencies. Please contact us to order or for more information. To order call (+001) 240-453-6339 or email