Screen for multiple bioterror agents and rule out most false alarms


√  Proven
The product was used by HAZMAT teams from the Montgomery County and District of Columbia Fire Departments in response to actual 911 calls suspecting anthrax. In 87% of calls, the suspicious material could be ruled out immediately as a possible bioterror agent. The product has also been successfully tested with actual anthrax and has been extensively evaluated by a nationally recognized testing laboratory.

√ Fast
Results generated in less than five minutes

√ Performance
Detects known biotoxins and pathogens dispersed as solid powders. First responders know almost immediately if they and those they protect are at risk of a biowarfare agent.

√ Easy

Straightforward training can be completed in less than one hour.
Clear-cut results are indicated by a color change.

√ Save Money
Avoid costly, complex tests for samples that test negative.

√ No Instrumentation
Each kit is a self-contained unit with everything needed for sample assessment.

√ Long Shelf Life
The BioCheck® product is stable for a year.