Screen for multiple bioterror agents and rule out most false alarms

20/20 BioResponse in Baltimore

boothBaltimore, MD, May 29–30, 2015—The 2015 IAFC Hazmat Conference was held in Baltimore, affording 20/20 BioResponse the opportunity to see many customers face to face, making every moment count. The conference was also a chance to forge new relationships for future mutual benefit.

Many customers who had not seen the BioCheck Screening Test kit in action had an opportunity to do so with Dr. Larry Franks, who put in plain words the scientific and practical benefits of the kit. The simulation was done using items that would give the same results as if they were in the field, from proteins to acids and bases. Observers also had astute questions that will definitely assist them when using the kit in the field, such as “What other proteins could give a false positive?” and asking how the kit is to be disposed of after use.

The conference was a perfect opportunity to learn the needs of customers directly, with one-on-one conversations. First responders such as firefighters, police officers, and paramedics confront the Nation’s fears in their daily work, and they were a delight to encounter. Many had insightful comments as well as some heartfelt thank-yous, such as about the ease of use the kit presents. They also shared the advantage of having a short time period to wait when they are at a suspicious powder call. The BioCheck Screening Test Kit has proven itself as the perfect initial tool for first responders in these cases.

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